Foundation Fitness Briarcliff – Kansas City, Missouri

Foundation Fitness Briarcliff

This gym is located in North Kansas City in Missouri. There are few gyms that can compare with the community based small gym in Briarcliff. A few of the great features that you could take advantage of are personal training classes, massages, yoga classes, pilates classes, and even 24 hour access!

Right now Foundation Fitness Briarcliff is running a special 3 day free trial membership promotion. If you live in the Kansas City area you don’t want to miss out on such a great deal. There are restrictions for this free trial membership listed on the website which you can find here¬†or even in the link above.

What can you do to get back into shape? Start by hitting the gym. It doesn’t end there. Combine an active lifestyle with healthy eating. You can find healthy recipes across various websites on the internet. When you work out and put unhealthy fuel, or food, in your body it not only keeps you from working to your full potential but it prevents you from making the progress you could with your workouts.

Are you afraid to try yoga or pilates? This is a judgement free gym. Beginners are certainly welcome and the instructors are willing to help you learn each respective practice! Gym members come together as family and everyone pushes each other to keep on going.

If you want to get anymore information about this gym or even try it out visit the website. Link is at the top of this post! The owner and guests alike are excited to see you at the gym!

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